Urgent Report

No : 9
Date : 2001-03-08 17:28:04
Name : headquarters Hit : 3931
Title: Dear Comrades

Dear Friends,

This is Daewoo Joinst Struggle Headquarters. We send  you this newsletter out
 of a sense of urgency.  The workers at  Daewoo Motors have been on strike
against the lay-offs of 1750 workers since  the 16th of February.  
The Kim Dae-jung government has brutally  repressed the workers, sending in
riot police to break up the strike at the factory. Workers, students, and
social movement activists have been engaged in an all-out battle against the
Kim Dae-jung Government ever since, resulting  in the arrest of  dozens and 
the injury  of hundreds.  Bu-pyung area, which is near the Daewoo Motor's
Factory in Korea, recently is like a place under martial law!!! 
Today, also thousands of policemen were sent and completely blockaded around
the factory very forcibly and violently. Even they did violence to lots of
babies, children and wives who are struggling with their fathers and husbands
on the spot, who were fired from Daewoo Motor.
But, in this fatal situation, President Kim Dae-jung now is trips to the
United States(March 6th - March 11th). He has tried to oppress these people's
struggle by using only riot policemen's violence. Also, he ignored Daewoo
people's pain and went to United States.
The people of Korea need your solidarity to overcome this attack by the Kim
Dae-jung Government. Send your messages of support to the workers at Daewoo.
Send your   messages of protest to the Korean Kim Dae-jung Government and
And Could you mind organizing actions at Korea Embassies in the world.
Especially, President Kim Dae-jung is now in Washington.(He will be there,
Washington, till March 11th.) So, if people in United States make an
solidarity action in there to censure the Kim Dae-jung Govenment's oppressing
Daewoo laborers in Korea, it will be the real international Solidarity and we
will appreciate very much. Thank You.
An injury to one is an injury to all!  

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