Urgent Report

No : 7
Date : 2001-03-06 11:02:46
Name : headquarters Hit : 4121
Title: 1000 laborers firmly resolute for general strike against DJ regime and corporate selling off

At 17:00 on Feb. 28th, at Sangok cathedral, 1000 workers rallied to make a
firm resolution of general strike against DJ regime's violence and corporate
selling-off  abroad. Sangok rally was preceded by Street demonstration around
Kyesandong. In the process of Kyesandong demonstration, the rally hurled
firebombs against violent riot police.

In Sangok cathedral rally, "Whoever doesn't join the Daewoo struggle, should
be blamed/punished" said Lee Sang-woo, the manager of a branch office of
national Youngchang Musical Instrument Union. “We should join this struggle
cause ongoing layoff(personnel restructuring) is not just a problem of
husbands. It is the problem of all the families. It is threatening our
survival." exclaimed one wife, a member of Family Struggle Committee?

"Struggle against Daewoo Motor's layoff shall be made into the one of all
170,000 federations", said Moon Sunghyeon, head of Korean Metal Workers
Federation (KMWF). He said KMWF, with the starting point of solidarity on
March 8, will make a firm determination of all-out struggle against Daewoo
Motor and for the resignment of the DJ regime.

Kim il-sup, head of KCTU said in his encouragement speech, “The riot police
of DJ regime attacked. It tried to make Daewoo Motor's case a model for the
regime's planned restructuring by justifying the Motor's mass layoff.
However, workers of Daewoo Motor have been hanging on for a week." He also
declared, ”Struggle against Daewoo Motor's massive layoff led to the
nationwide solidarity fight. We will fight to the last until either layoff is
abolished or the company perishes." He went on to say, "All the members of
KCTU will congregate on March 7 and proceed into the factory, which is one of

Fire-stormed in Keysandong - struggle site on 28th
It was 4 p.m. at the Kyesandong subway station in Inchon Pupyong,
Kyeonggido-province. People showed up one by one and in an instant there were
an array of people, about 500, at the station. Raised were the flags of Seoul
unionists, students and other supporting groups as well as Daewoo Motor
workers. They moved out to the street led by the leader at the front. They
occupied a part of the road blocking cars and shouted the slogans, "WE ARE
AGAINST LAYOFF." "RESIGN! DJ REGIME" Strangely, cops were not to be seen. 
The rally went on to sing and shout the slogans. However, police were still
not to be seen. Slogans and the tense silence were felt together at the
struggle field with riot police nowhere to be seen.

There finally arrived a riot police bus and it was followed by a numerous
buses with no end in sight. As soon as getting off  the buses, the riot
police ran toward the rally. Paper boxes were flaming in front of the rally,
meaning there will be immediate clashes. Police helicopters were whirling

Riot police attacked. Firebombs were hurled. A number of riot police pushed
ahead in ranks to the rally. "NO! The front will be in danger if they push
ahead this way." However, they hesitated to push ahead. A blaming fire was
rising with black smoke at the forefront of the rally. Helicopters spinning
around above, riot police running here and there attacking, citizen's worried
look... It's like we are in a state of undeclared martial law. It's like a

We were being pushed. However, the flags were still flying. The rally does
not scatter easily. Helicopters were forcing dispersion of the rally. Riot
police were pushing ahead again. The rally went into an alley. Riot police
chased. With the shout Wow, Molotov cocktails were hurled. The warfront was
moved to a small street near the road.

Where did they come from? More than 50 women including female unionists and
Ajumma(Korean for married woman)s were gathered before a restaurant near the
road and shouted to the police "Be gone!  Violent riot police!" Right in
front of them passed by a high ranking police official with a strap on his
shoulder. The strap had two Mugunghwas(rose of Sharon). High ranking police
officials at Sangok cathedral continued to call the police at the struggle
site here to know how things go and the explanation  by the police is heard
through the citizen's worried look.

How are the comrades doing? Are they doing OK with strikes and
demonstrations? Struggles are going on today as usual, without stopping, to
the night rally in the city of Pupyung.


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