Urgent Report

No : 6
Date : 2001-03-03 22:23:58
Name : Headquarters Hit : 4340
Title: [Feb. 26th 2pm.] Do away with Lay-off

Rally for withdrawing Kim Dae-joong's government, which puts pressure on the
laborers and stoping the layoff of Daewoo, was held on Feb. 26th. It was an
sudden on the three corners street in front of the Donginchon station.

About 300 laborers including 200 unionists of Daewoo Motors held an sudden
demonstration on three corners street in front of the Donginchon station.
When the police went out, they broke up and gathered in Sankokdong Catholic
By 4:00 pm, the participants of gathering at Sankokdong Catholic church had
promised to have assembly after leaving the office at evening and broke up
Assembly in the evening will be held in the church of Sankokdong, the
assembly is expected to proceed with unionists of Korean Confederation of
Trade Unions (KCTU) every day.
 This demonstration in collaboration with the Korea Metal Worker's Federation
on February 28th and assembly on March 1st is expected to show that KCTU
don't accept the policy of neo-liberalization, and lay-off.   
Reform the policy of government through the rally (March 1st) with 600
thousand unionists.

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