Urgent Report

No : 4
Date : 2001-02-27 22:19:12
Name : LaborNet in S.Korea Hit : 3836
Title: ACTION ALERT from LaborNet Korea - 'WANTED' Campaign

[ACTION ALERT from LaborNet Korea]

Korean Workers Want the Criminal Kim Woo-Choong

International Campaign on the Internet "Kim Woo-Choong, Former Chairman of Daewo Group: Wanted"

1. The LaborNet Korea, together with Jinbo Network Center, is going to launch an international campaign on the internet with a view to arresting Kim Woo-Choong, former chairman of Daewoo Group, who is mostly responsible for the bankruptsy of Daewoo and subsequent massive lay-off of Daewoo Motors workes.

2. The prosecution announced the result of the investigation on Kim Woo-Choong. According to the report, he usurped the enormous amount of 34 US$ through fabrication of account, and made the secret fund of 16 billion US$ for his personal use. All the people in Korea were so shcked at the his crime that they demand arrest him and confiscate his wealth hidden by himself, in order to help the bankrupt company.

However, the present government and the prosecution stand by, not showing any intention to arrest him. In this context, the coalition for Daewoo workers decided to send a delegation to locate him. The delegation launched its activities in France, in which Kim is supposed to hide himself.

3. In order to support the effort of the Korean delegation, the LaborNet Korea and Jinbo Network is going to launch an International Campaign: WANTED. They plan to utilize the Internet to appeal the world-wide netizens to put the campaign logo with Kim Woo-Choong's picture on their own websites, thereby pursuing the possibility to get information and report through e-mails(dwtubon@nodong.net).

The LaborNet Korea is going to distribute the campaign logo : 'WANTED'(http://dwtubon.nodong.net/english/wanted_campaign_logo.htm) made in four languages. Also, it will launch an English websit for Daewoo workers struggle (http://dwtubon.nodong.net/english/). It will develop a world-wide campaign in coordination and cooperation with the other Labor Networks of US, UK, Germany, Japan and Australia, as well as the Association of Progressive Networks (APC, http://www.apc.org) whcih the Jinbo Network is affiliated.

4. The LaborNet Korea and Jinbo Network are originated from the Black Ribbon Campaign (http://strike.nodong.net/strike9697/blackribbon.html) in support of the General Strike of Korean workers in 1996 winter.

Febraury 27, 2001

LaborNet in South Korea(NodongNet)

'WANTED' Campaign Logo

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