Urgent Report

No : 3
Date : 2001-02-27 14:36:02
Name : Headquarters Hit : 4025
Title: Daewoo Motor put 1,750 workers terminated in force

Union comes allout protest into practice from 16th of Feb. 
Lee Jong-dae, Yong-kuk who curries favor with the investors and the
administration took action to give 1750 workers a layoff report finally at
5pm of 16th.  
Union tried best possible solution negotiating with the mass layoff, showing
proposals dealing self retirement, temporary part time. However, the
management side refused to agree on the union's suggestion.  
The government, investment board of director, management, put the stop of job
about 1750 places into practice disregarding union's rational management
policy. They also meant to curtail work force to 5,374 and production No. to
5,60000 in 2001, taking benefit of the surplus, finally give a layoff report
to 1750 workers. 
The management side carried their policy out not to find proper work force
way but to realize the neoliberalistic line in Daewoo Motor. Accordingly,
strike opposing to the mass lay off should proceed to the block of Kim
Dae-jung's neo-lib. line. 
In the meantime, the headquarter of KCTU and its affiliate metal union made
up their mind to take the allout struggle if the Daewoo Motor begins cutting
working place. This week, those who got their job to lose and their family
will add their rank and file to the union rally team. And next week, they
will be at the physical collision against the government.   

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