Urgent Report

No : 2
Date : 2001-02-27 14:20:08
Name : Headquarters Hit : 4500
Title: "Kim Woo-choong Arrest Squad has arrived safely"

"Kim Woo-choong Arrest Squad has arrived safely"
There came the first news about 'Kim Woo-choong Arrest Squad' at 11:00 am on
Feb. 24 in Korean time. Mr. Hong Se-hwa(the writer of 'I'm taxi driver of
Paris') sent an e-mail to Korean Confederation of Trade Unnions. Thank him
and Communist-led General Labor Confederation(CGT) for caring arresting team.
And the e-mail follows.

This is Hong Se-hwa, Paris special report who has neither asked nor got the
appointment from 'Labor & World', (Weekly newspaper Published by Korean
Confederation of Trade Unnions [KCTU]). Tonight, 9:30 pm, Kim Woo-choong
Arrest Squad which is composed by Yu Man-hyong, a former member of Daewoo
Motor Trade Union, Park Jom-kyu, organization chief of the Korean
Confederation of Trade Unions, and Hwang I-min, member of the Democratic
Labor Party has arrived at the Paris Sharle Le Degaur(?) airport safely. And
they has focused by the camera of various newspapers, news agencies,
broadcasting stations.
As soon as they got out, they hung the prepared placard written "Arrest Kim
Woo-chonng and stop the reduction! "(in French) on their chest and spoke out
loud a slogan like "Confiscate the property of Kim Woo-choong! " with
clenched hands. What was it? That dress, slogan, voice and facial expression
almost moved my eyes to tears? 
I had an honor to interview tonsured Yu Man-hyong for Television 2 of France
for a while in my poor French.

Q : What is your definite action in France?
A : We are not the police. So we don't have the real right to arrest Kim
Woo-choong. And we cannot take him back to Korea. But if we can get him, we
won't lose and keep staying with him until Korean police take him.

Q : Do you think you can really arrest him?
A : There is a symbol meaning for our coming to France. We want to let
European labors know that how neo-liberalism of Kim Daejung's government
oppress Korean labors very forcibly. Also we hope that Kim's government
should arrest Kim Woo-choong, who abused great amounts of taxes of Korean
people. We expect to set up the regiment with Labor Unions and the Social
Movement Group of France which is against the neo-liberalism.

Q : Is this your first time to France?
A : Yes. And all of us were surprised because of this high attention from
France media. 
Of course, there are two other reasons beyond public opinion opposite to new
liberalism in France. First, there may be people who remember the fact that
five years ago, Tomson multimedia as a national enterprise had failed to sell
itself to Daewoo because of the opposition of its labors. And Kim Woo-choong
from that Daewoo may be hiding in France......
For the second, Alfred Sirben, No.2 for Elph(oil company of France), has
arrested from the escaping life in the Philippines recently. These two things
rouse much intention to the arrest of Kim Woo-choong. 

The squad is supposed to unity with CGT, CFDT, SUD and ATTAC, and specially
noteworthy thing is that they have the meeting with French judge labor union
on next Tuesday. At that time, they will be provided legal opinions and
advices for the arresting activities. Therefore, don't worry too much,
please. End for today. Take care.

From Hong Se-hwa, Paris correspondent of 'The labor and the world', paper of
Korean Confederation of Trade Unions in Paris suburbs, on Feb. 24. 

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