Urgent Report

No : 13
Date : 2001-04-18 13:09:52
Name : headquarters Hit : 3739
Title: The statement of Joint Strugle Headquarters

The Kim Dae-jung Government should take fundamental responsibility for April
10th brutal suppression on Daewoo workers!
Punish the Commissioner of Police Agency and others responsible for the
violent suppressions of April 10!
Immediately release the workers arrested, wanted by the police, taken to the
police station!
Immediately reverse the massive layoffs of 1750 workers!
Stop the sale to GM!

1. Inchon District Court ruled on April 7 that management should not prevent
members of Daewoo Workers Union, KCTU(Korean Confederation of Trade Unions)
from accessing to the Labor Unions office. 

2. Despite of judgement by the court, the police, on April 10, violently
wielded their clubs and shields on lawyer Park Hun and workers including
unionists, who were protesting that it was illegal for the police to ban them
from entering the Union office. This resulted in 40 injuries, 21 taken to the
police station and lawyer Park Hun is hospitalized for a fracture of a pelvic
bone caused by the police.

3. The government is just trying to conclude this by releasing the head of
the Bupyong Police Station from his position. Bupyong Police Station is under
Inch'on Metropolitan Police Agency. This is not a right way to solve the
problem. All those who are responsible for the violent suppressions on April
10 should be immediately arrested including Commissioner General & Head of
National Police Agency Lee Mu-young, commissioner of Inch'on Metropolitan
Police Agency Min Seung-ki, head of  Bupyong Police Station Kim Jong-won and
the head of Inch'on riot police, etc.

4. Police brutality on April 10 is not just a problem caused by the policemen
using violence but they illegally interfered in the execution of workers'
official duties ruled by court. So, the government should immediately
guarantee unionists their access to the union office in order to solve this
problem completely .

5. For this, first, police troops deployed around Bupyong plant should be
withdrawn. Thousands of the policemen stationed in and around Bupyong plant
for over 40 days since February 19 have been abusing human rights, committing
violence. Besides, Daewoo Motor has been paying for the police, wasting money
that should be spent in normalizing the company. Gangsters, also paid by the
company, should be withdrawn. The government should immediately release
workers arrested, wanted by police and taken to police stations.

6. The government has never taken reviving the company into consideration but
insisted on overseas sale. As a part of meeting demands for overseas sale
1750 workers were sacked. However, Daewoo Motor's overseas sale will trigger
several problems. In case Bupyong plant is shut down, Inch'on citizen's tax
will be raised by 30% and the nation's economy as well as Inch'on economy
will totter again. When the company's sale to GM is bleak now, the government
should immediately reverse the layoffs of 1750 workers and find ways to
resurrect the company.

7. Joint Struggle Headquarters against Daewoo Motor will take the lead and
fight in order to arrest those responsible for violent suppressions, scrap
the company's sale to GM, and abolish layoffs.

Daewoo Joint Struggle Headquarters
April 13th

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