Urgent Report

No : 11
Date : 2001-03-19 14:24:54
Name : headquarters Hit : 4002


In its negotiation with Renovation Committee for the Business Management and
informally, the Daewoo management has been about to move Daewoo Pupyong
painting plant to the suburb of Inchon. They said that the reason of moving
plan is due to the deterioration of the facilities. Another grounds for the
move is that the plant is close to resident area and far away from quay
causing high transporting cost. In order to cut down on transporting cost,
management said the plant should be moved to the reclaimed land of Dong-a in
Songdo. The Trade Union has been delaying any countermeasure considering an
inevitable situation where painting factory should be newly built. For the
same reason, it was generally accepted at work-site that the Pupyong plant
should be moved to the suburb of Inchon. Now we need to carefully examine the
management's moving plan.

First, it costs a little over 1 trillion won (about 1 Billion US Dollars) to
move the Pupyong plant to the suburb of Inchon. This sum is beyond the
ability of the company under a court receivership.

Second, creditor banks have been expressing themselves that money coming from
moving Pupyong plant belongs to creditors themselves. From this we can judge
the creditors will spend less than 300 billion won to move the plant and take
the Pupyong plant site as a redemption of bond.

Third, as a condition of acquiring Daewoo Motor, GM has shown to have asked
for the close-down of Pupyong plant. GM has been making it clear that it's
going to buy only Daewoo Motor's assets not workers. We can guess that GM
suggested Kunsan plant be combined with the Second Car Factory that has
similar platform to that of Kunsan plant because Kunsan plant can not dump 1
shift system.

Fourth, It is true that the plan of moving Pupyong plant is in order to
neutralize the Trade Union.  Daewoo Motor's Trade Union has been the core in
the movements of democratic trade union including struggle for disorganizing
puppet union in 1985, struggle for direct presidential election in 1987,
struggle for desperately defending democratic trade union in 1991, struggle
against Daewoo Motor's sell-off to GM, and etc. Especially because the Trade
Union has been carrying on resolute struggle against sell-off of Daewoo Motor
to GM, multinational capital and Kim Dae-jung government desperately want to
neutralize Daewoo Motor's Trade Union.

Since failing to sell off Daewoo Motor to Ford in September last year, the
government and creditor banks have been recklessly hurrying to meet sell-off
requirements. Related to this, they finished, in mid October, 2000, technical
examination on moving Pupyong plant and in early November, right before the
bankruptcy, made a final decision about where to move the Pupyong plant to,
moving cost, and how to manage facilities. To say that Daewoo Motor plans to
move the Pupyong plant to the suburb of Inchon is just for show because the
plan is not feasible. The management is hiding its intention  and deceiving
the workers and people but every detail will be revealed by early June, when
Daewoo Motor's sell-off to GM is expected to materialize.

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