Urgent Report

No : 1
Date : 2001-02-27 14:13:18
Name : Headquarters Hit : 8226
Title: Pulverization of Personnel Reduction Dismissal!!! Obtain the Laborer's Right !!!

KCTU(Korean Confederation of Trade Unions) National Labor Assembly which was
planned on February 24th at 2:00 pm, was completely blocked by the policemen.
About 2000 people including the students, unionists, and laborers of Daewoo
Motor etc. urgently moved to the field of operations. And they occupied
eight-lane road and installed barricade in the street struggle. 
Also, other assembly was powerfully held in Pusan, Ulsan, in South and North
Areas of Jeon-la Province. 

Pulverization of Personnel Reduction Dismissal!!! Obtain
the Laborer's Right !!!

On all areas of Korea "The National Resolution Assembly, under the slogan of
Pulverization of Personnel Reduction Dismissal, Oppression of Labor, The
Resignation of President Kim Dae-jung's Administration”powerfully expanded.
Evade the merciless blockade to operation area from the  Violent Policemen -
A powerful struggle expand at Inchon National University of Education in
The National Resolution assembly which was planned on public square around
Bu-pyong station at 2 pm. was prevented and blocked by the thousands of
policemen. They even came in the platform of Bu-pyong Station, and forcibly
arrested a lot of laborers, even common citizens by using violence. In these
arresting process, many people including laborers and citizens are hurted
The policemen pushed unionists (who protested against the police) to the
track. 17 unionists were taken at the spot. Many were wounded. Citizens
protested fiercely to this situation.
About 3 pm., 2000 demonstrators (the unionists of Daewoo Motors, their
families, fellow-thinkers and students etc.) from Dae-jeon, Chung-nam Gu-mi,
Dae-gu area came up to Seoul by 8 buses, and occupied eight-lane road of
Jackjondong around the factory of Daewoo Motors, which had been changed by
urgent notice.  
They held an assemby of resolution setting up the barricade but moved to the
National University of Education in Inchon because of the attack of
policemen. Evading the blockade in Bu-pyong, increasing 3000 demonstrators
struggled against policemen throwing stones and a fire bottle from 4 pm to 6
pm.  Dozens of people injured on the way of stone-battle.
Local fellow-thinkers who came up to Seoul from Dae-jeon, Chung-nam, Gu-mi,
Dae-gu by 8 buses followed in express highway, and then pass through the
policemen blocking "the Ground for Meeting" in seoul and at last, participate
in the field of stuggles.

February 24th 2001
Volume 7th KCTU(Korean Confederation of Trade Unions) Struggle Report

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