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No : 8
Date : 2001-03-04 23:58:40
Name : Dannette Sharpley Hit : 5119
Title: A few words in support

To: The Daewoo Strikers & Supporters of the Strike

Cc: Korean Embassy officials, Office of the President Kim Dae-Jung

My name is Dannette Sharpley. I'm in the US, in North Carolina. And I wish to
lend support to your workers' struggle.

I'm in tears here, now. Moved not only by the pain, violence, repression, and
antogonism that the Daewoo factory and Korean governemment have inflicted
upon you and your families, but also totally inspired by the fierce
dedication and supreme courage with which you manage to stay your cause. And,
what cause is that? Several answers come to mind.

You organize and demonstrate so that the corporation that employs you
recognizes that you are human beings, who require respect and compensation
from an employer.

You strike and agitate so that the same company, and it's corrupt owner,
understand that the offering of sub-par compensation, conditions, and
treatment will not be met with passive acceptance.

You battle violence "security guards" and officers in the streets to prove
that you intend to stand your ground, that you have a right to that ground,
and that government complicity is not enough to dissuade you and your family
from your cause for just treatment.

You track known criminals and rally others around your cause because you know
that it is a righteous cause, worthy of the efforts you make, and deserving
of all the support you can possibly gain.

And, lest you forget, you are not alone in that struggle. All over the world,
people are organizing, striking, agitating, doing battle, rallying, fighting,
teaching, learning... for decent work and pay, for a clean environment, for a
safe community, for a legitimate government, for due process of the law, for
freedom from religious and cultural repression, for an end to racial and
gender inequality, for a more just distribution of wealth and resources, for
access to life-saving medications and information... You name it, the
struggle is on. In El Salvador. In China. In Colombia. In Israel and the
occupied territories. In Burma/Myanmar. In the USA. In South Africa... The
struggle is on.

Fight your fight, my brothers and sisters. Know that you are loved all over
the world. Know that your bravery in the face of terror and persecution is
not unnoticed by the rest of the world. Know that people believe in you, your
cause, and your methods. Know that we learn from you, and carry your voice as
far as we can in the struggles we undertake here at home. You are the good
guys and gals. You deserve what you fight for, and you may only get it
through struggle. Be kind to yourselves, and protect your loved ones. And
know that, one way or the other, the just will prevail.

I will pass on the word of your battle as far and as wide as I can.

In solidarity with the workers of Daewoo factory, and the family and citizens
who aide their struggle.

Dannette Sharpley,

North Carolina, USA

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