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No : 5
Date : 2001-03-01 23:20:46
Name : APWSL Japan Hit : 4844
Title: Stop Repression Against Daewoo Workers

(Asia Pacific Workers' Solidarity Links)
Hoei Bldg. 8F, 3-10, Kanda-Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Stop Repression On Striking Workers at Daewoo Company!

February 26, 2001

President Kim Dae-jung,

APWSL (Asia Pacific Workers' Solidarity Links) Japan is a group of trade
unions and individuals committed to international solidarity of grassroots
workers in the region.  We are cooperating with a lot of progressive trade
unions and citizens' groups in order to promote workers' rights and human

We are surprised at the cruel repression against striking workers at Daewoo
Company.  The trade union and workers have been fighting against unfair
dismissal by the company.  Their demands are quite reasonable and supported
by many people.  Nevertheless, your government sent the police force to crash
the strike violently.  The police physically attacked workers and their
family members as well as citizens, students and workers in the region.

It is incredible for us that you, the winner of Novel Peace Prize of 2000,
should allow such cruelty.

The violence used by the police reminds us of the Gwangju disturbance caused
by Chun Doo Wan more than twenty years ago.  You were one of the victims of
the repression during that period and many of us participated actions to
support you and the democratic movement in your country.  It is a pity that
we see this kind of repression again under your government.

We hope you to stop the repression against Daewoo workers immediately.

۾ ۾ ϱ

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