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No : 26
Date : 2001-03-16 07:35:53
Name : Alphonse VERONESE Hit : 4505
Title: solidarity message from CGT(France)

Dear comrades, 
We have heard of the Daewoo Motor workers lay-offs in Korea, as 
well as the unbelievable summons to leave their housing. 

In the face of this attack, we assure you of our 
solidarity. We already 
expressed it to comrades from Daewoo when they visited the 
CGT a short time 

But we find it untenable that, under the guise of job 
losses, Daewoo should 
threaten such fundamental rights such as housing and hence 
the right to 
children's education and health. 

Please rest assured of our entire solidarity. 

Yours fraternally, 

Alphonse VERONESE 
EC member 
CGT International activities 

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