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No : 24
Date : 2001-03-15 06:19:44
Name : Group Neue Einheit Hit : 4591
Title: Neue Einheit: Greetings of solidarity to the workers of Daewoo

Greetings of solidarity to the workers of Daewoo

World-wide your struggle, the struggle  of the Korean workers
against the current layoffs and especially  your struggle at
Daewoo, has a great  echo. We wish the colleagues in Korea
success in their struggle and an unification, in particularly
with all the colleagues of the region, indispensable for their

For decades the Korean workers and employees have worked hard to
improve the standard of living and to escape the stifling low
level of the previous decades. They didn't work for that in the
end capitalism is able to  say: you can go back to where you come
from. But that it is what the capital is doing everywhere. Today
capital goes into one country and develops the production, and
tomorrow it goes into another one, if it thinks that the labour
forces there are pretty new and must take up work under any
condition. The resistance of the workers of Daewoo has to be
seen in one line with the fight which  today  is existing in the
whole of  South-East-Asia, but also in Iran, as in Europe, in
South-Africa and other regions of the world. Everywhere capital
is trying to split the workers, it attempts to use the workers'
struggle to bring down a particular government or to serve this
or that political purpose, whereas in reality it is capital as a
whole which is the creator of the malaise.

Group Neue Einheit


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