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No : 20
Date : 2001-03-11 16:22:01
Name : JP Hit : 3342
Title: Keep on Fighting Brothers and Sisters!!!

I have read with both horror and inspiration at the events taking place
in your nation, and want to convey my deepest solidarity for your brave
As an American worker the intensity of your struggle is somewhat
difficult for me to understand.  The working class in this country is
dis-organized and weak, accepting debt instead of wage increases and
commodities instead of real communities.  As I read the various emails
describing the brutality of the neo-liberal capitalist regime in South
Korea against hard working people it makes my blood boil.  When I read
about the tremendous organizing and class solidarity of the Korean
workers I am inspired by your courageousness.  I know that I have much
to learn about working class struggle.
I send you these words of solidarity and want you to know that you have
many friends over here who are willing to help in whatever way we can.

Yours for the struggle

JP Patafio, Local 100/Trasnport Workers Union (New Directions)

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