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No : 19
Date : 2001-03-11 16:21:12
Name : I.S. Groningen Hit : 4023

Dear comrades,
With pain we've followed your struggle against the
capitalistic oppression of workers in Korea. We've
heard about the attempts to confront the ex-director
of Deawoo in Paris. This email is little in these days
of extreme violence against the strikers & students.
We're solidary with your struggle, it's our struggle
as well. We have written about the strikes and human
rights violations in our newspaper and will continue
to inform people about the injustices in Korea and
Keep the faith! If the workers and students work
together they can overcome this cruelty. They must
keep organising themselves and continue the struggle.
Keep us informed.

With all the solidariry with our Korean comrades,

The International Socialists in Groningen, the

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