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No : 5
Date : 2001-03-05 07:50:46
Name : headquarters Hit : 4230
Title: [Feb. 18th] The first clash on general strike

It's been three days since the union went onto strike due to the unilateral,discharge notifications of 1750 people from management. Over the late evenning ,around 10 PM,by the time people heard the siren,the broadcast from an unknown car told the workers to run toward the intersection of assembly plant and the fight was just about to begin. Exactly 15 minutes after the emergency call to gather at the intersection of assembly plant, 600 workers of labor militant were forming itself with pipe-wielding. At west gate from the intersection, 30 wives from the ad-hoc committe of families were shouting the messages to withdraw the staff reduction with pipe-wielding as well.
The clash over the breakthrough of staff reduction has begun
and 300 fellow workers of Seoul and Metropolitan areas from yesterday's rally all sneaked out and only the 600 workers are forming the firm crowd for the general strike.

main entrance


the labor militant on fork truck


roadblock-container in front of main entrance

an urgent order to gather at the intersection of assembly plant


with pipe-holding so hard and tight


the crowd on strike gathered at the intersection of assembly plant


finishing an urgent rally on strike for 20 minutes, people were scattered around and set in each platoon. The fellows from Press set up the secondary roadblock on West gate adjacent to the union building and had some exciting clash against riot police. It was the first clash over the general strike for the breakthrough of staff reduction.

raid &confrontation


the second roadblock on south gate, fellows from the press


an exciting Clash With riot Police


(the picture provided by the internet broadcasting station 'voice of labor' and the internet suporting team of daewoo automobile union)


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