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Date : 2001-03-03 21:55:43
Name : Headquarters Hit : 3947
Title: [FEB 17th,11 AM] assembly for strike(impeachment on staff reduction)

The management of Daewoo automobile has collectively informed 1750 workers from Boo-Pyung plant of its staff reduction in the morning 17th.

11 AM,1000 workers from Kia,SsangYong unions as well as seoul and kyungki office of metal league union gathered at the old cafeteria of Boo pyung plant to denounce the goverment for unreasonable layoff and burned off all the discharge notice.


[FEB 17th,11 AM] assembly for strike(impeachment on staff reduction)


[FEB 17th,11 AM] assembly for strike(impeachment on staff reduction)  


The management sent collective notices to 1750 employees containing three clauses of the termination of labor contracts, retirement allowance and guide for reemployment,and establishment and operation of HOPE center.what is written on the termination of working contracts notified in the name of official manager of Daewoo corporation LEE JONG DAE is as follows.

The company has been exprienced with consistent crises in that not only legally selected a walk-out needed company but also declared the offical bankrupcy and legal mamanagement.

In order to overcome such management crises, the company has attempted enforcing self relief countermeasures, such as staff reduction,extended working time,rotating shutdown,layoffs on partime jobs, collecting the fired, on every divisions to avoid layoff at its best.

In addition, the management had a meeting with the union and talked about how to avoid the layoff and normalize the managemen back into where it used to be and it is apparently impossible to have another meeting with the union now. as a result, according to strained crises on management and related labor laws, your working contracts will be inevitably terminated by Feb 19th 2001. On the other hand,for management gave marks to employees and fairly and reasonably selected people based on various matters such as performance record,lenth of service,wheather rewarded or punished, whether veterans or not,whether hadicapped or not,whether the breadwinner or not. Thus,we sincerely appreciate your presence and effort for the past and please consider our situation with deep understanding.


(discharge notices sent by management)


(a leader of Daewoo automobile union,Kim Il sop.)


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