News From Paris

No : 9
Date : 2001-03-08 07:25:35
Name : headquarters Hit : 4126

Arrest Squad arrived at Nice station(?) at 9:30 a.m. on March 3 France local
time, met ATTAC members who had been waiting for the Arrest Squad, and got to
Kim Woo-joong's luxurious villa, 269, Pablong Avenue, Nice city. Until just a
few months before, Kim woo-joong had been found enjoying luxury life in this
grand villa.

In front of the villa were waiting for us around 50 reporters of press from
home and abroad including Korea's 3 major broadcasting companies and showed
great interest in us Arrest Squad. Also around 20 French policemen were
stationed ready for a possible accident or clash

We first rang the doorbell. A frenchman who takes care of the villa answered,
“This villa doesn't belong to Kim woo-joong and it has already been sold. I
don't know who he is and he is not here. You can't come in." and hung up the
answering phone. However, we already had been informed by french union
related that Daewoo and local Daewoo Co. related had been paying for the
villa's electricity use. This didn't allow us to believe what the french
supervisor said.

We rang the bell again for more than 10 minutes but he did not answer any
more. Accordingly we put into action what we had planned. We attached about
200 stickersto the gate saying “This villa belongs to Daewoo workers." and
girded around a red band띠 saying ”Nobody is allowed to enter" and then 3 of
us tried to climb up the fence and force our way into the villa. However we
were stopped by French policemen.

“Arrest Kim woo-joong! Return back the fortune he hidden!"
“How dare you escape for luxurious life stealing workers' sweat
“Nonsense, layoff! Arrest Kim woo-joong!"
After shouting the slogans, we threw at the gate around 100 eggs containing
the rage and anger of 13 million Korean workers and the Korean people. After
1 hour and a half of these, we answered the pouring questions by reporters
from home and abroad at a nearby restaurant. The restaurant owner approached
us and said, “A Korean chauffeur has been stopping by here for some
groceries lately. When I asked him ‘For whom the groceries are?' he said
they are for Kim woo-joong. I believe he is here."

I don't know if  the restaurant owner is sure.  It is so enraging and
heart-breaking that laid-off workers should make up Arrest Squad and wander
in a foreign country chasing a corrupt and fraud criminal who embezzled tens
of billions of dollars instead of the government, who should take
responsibility for the trouble but just doing nothing. Foreign press has been
showing great interest in Arrest Squad. The interest they are showing is
really eye-opening. They never understand why the Korean government doesn't
take any action to arrest Kim woo-joong.

Why does the Korean government not arrest Kim woo-joong? Why? Korean
President Kim Dae-jung even said just a few days ago in a TV show,
Conversation with the people, “The government does not know where Kim
Woo-joong is. We are trying to find out his whereabouts." I don't know. Is
the government that incapable not to know Kim woo-joong's whereabouts? or
Does the government just not arrest him although it knows where he has hidden

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