News From Paris

No : 8
Date : 2001-03-05 02:16:42
Name : headquarters Hit : 3889
Title: Preparation

1) Expenses 
2) People 
3) Division of work 
4) etc. 
date : 23rd 12:30 p.m 
place: In front of 1 division of departure line at Kimpo International
Program: Introduction 
환송사 - 집행위원장 중 1인 
 - 황이민 
Declare of the Press Conference - 유만형 
Questions - 
 - 상황실장 
■ KTCU gathered at 11 o'clock 
 Public Prosecutor's Office-prosecution 
Kim Dae-jung government must be removed for they are selling Daewoo Motor
abroad and cutting off our workers. 
So the Joint Struggle Headquarters Against Daewoo Motors are sending 3 men as
a suicide squad to France. 
Kim Dae-jung government and authorities concerned in management has fired
1750 labors in Daewoo Motors. Also Kim Dae-jung government has put combat
policemen into factories of Daewoo Motors so as to arrest labor
representatives and dismiss the union. 
These violence proves that the Kim Dae-jung Government is just a loyalty dog
of capitalism. At this present time, Kim Dae-jung Government is mobilizing
public power to arrest so many labors and students.
So the labors of Daewoo Motor, KTCU, 금속연맹 and the Joint Struggle
Headquarters of Daewoo Motor are extending our fights against Kim Dae-jung
The reason we depart is as follows. 
First of all, our members will publicize the cruelness of our government
showing the world what is happening in Daewoo Motors factory and to oppose to
We will tell the world what is happening in Korea, publicize what Kim
Dae-jung Government is up to. By staying in France, we will set up
international solidarity struggle.  
At this present time, many parties and labor organizationn is willing to help
us very eagerly. 15 organizations including CGT, ATTAC has promised to
support accomodation, guide, transportation and so on. Also many heavy press
in France such as 리베라시옹 had full story about suicide squad the 2nd TV
and 카날 TV Broadcasting Station is planning to produce program in the form
of leopo.   
Labor struggles against Neo-liberalism is now being globalized. Especially,
for France which is at the top of struggle, we shall expect enormous result.

Second of all, we will arrest Kim Woo-choong.
Few days ago, Public Prosecutor showed what they had investigated about Kim
Woo-choong. In the investigation, he has used over 16 billion dollars as his
pocket money. His behavior made all the Korean very angry and requires to
arrest Kim at once and confiscate all his money. 
But the Public Prosecutor is trying to end this case up in spite of these
public opinion. Now Public Prosecutor isn't showing any aggressive
investigation just because there is no extradite treaty between the country
that Kim might stay. The Korean Government hasn't still got any help from the
Inter-pol. These kinds of behavior can be the only way prevent "the Korean
Water Gate".  

  In this situation, the International Suicide Squad in the Joint Struggle
Headquarters of Daewoo Motor  thought that the Korea government and
prosecution don't have  intention and ability for arrest Kim Woo-joong, and
that they have to do it themselves. At first, they go to France in which
Kim's contury house existed. 
The International Suicide Squad will establish France strongpoint, and then
intend to positively search information about Kim Woo-joong in many
countries. Also they'll make the Korea government  to bound to investigate
this case through the international opinion.
 We, the International Suicide Squad, will firmly arrest Kim Woo-joong
through this international joint and supplement. And, we believe that korean
give many encouragement to our activity. Finally, we send out warning to the
Kim Dae-joong government. If you continue the reformation with labor's
inequal sacrifice, your government will be destroyed by nation as know from
our history. 
Protect the labor's right to live! Break the reformation! Stop the oversea

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