News From Paris

No : 7
Date : 2001-03-05 02:15:46
Name : headquarters Hit : 4066
Title: Arrest squad's record of a press conference and plan of activity at the spot.

< The international squad of Daewoo Motor for denouncing the vilolence
suppression and arresting Kim Woo-choong>
Daparture and Activity plan at the spot
1. Aim of Activity
1) Starting the labor's international joint activity to against the violence
suppression of 
  Daewoo Motor labor strike and Kim Dae-jung's government's lay off policy
based on neo-liberalism.
2) File suit against the Kim Dae-jung's government for its detrimental
revision of the labor law.
3) Pressure the government by gaining the People's opinion that Kim's
government and the Prosecution to take an immediate and practical step to
deport Kim Woo-choong forcibly and arrest him then, seize the amassed and
diverted money overseas.
4) Pressure the government by forming the international opinion to arrest Kim
5) Create the friendly public opinion on Daewoo Motor's overall strike.
6) Exposure actively at overseas about Anti-laborer, Anti-people that Kim's
government's restructing policy has.
7) Collect practical information and be in the act of arresting to get Kim
Woo-choong's personal guarantee.
2. The Basis of Activity
1) Strengthening coorperation among foreign labor, political parties, labor
corp., NGO's and forming the public opinion for denouncing the government's
commitment of violence to put down the Daewoo Motor's strike.
2) Carry on propaganda along with the issuing Kim Woo-choong's wanted bills
and put posters on, etc.
3) Launch the works of forming the public opinion and drive to raise funds in
  residents' society to arrest Kim Woo-choong and seize the amassed overseas
4) Hold variouse kinds of events, performences and organize separate
activities to attract foreign press.
5) Continuent offering of various articles, broadcasting datas, report of
daily activities and etc to attract domestic press.
3. Advanced Preparations
1) Speech activity
- Interview with important domestic press and oraganize coverage activity
together before the departure.
- Press conference before departurement.
- Activate the international unionist's internet site (to report the
activities and organize public opinion of inside and outside of the country)
2) International Joint activities 
- 공투분, introducing the international squad and dispatch the
activity-related datas after the departure.
- 공투분 to important parties, labor corps, NGOs - introducing international
unionists and dispatch official dacuments for coorporation.
- Dispatch dacuments for cooperation to Korean residents gathering/
pre-meeting with advanced persons and organize supporters.
3) Preparion for departurment.
4. Activities at the spot
1) Speech activity - Arrival press conference (advanced preparation and
sistematize is needed)
- Visit important press company and plan the meetings with them and offer the
domestic articles.
- Contribute to residents' newspapers and forming the supporting public
- Present broadcasting datas and activities day by day (espcially,
dispatching broadcast and photos)
2) Activities for Propaganda
 - Issuing Kim Woo-choong's wanted bills and put the posters around the
important downtown areas, metros, public spots, university especially at the
 - Make a tour through the main cities in Paris by hiking or biking.
 - Visit important parties and organizations and plan the meetings.
 - Launch a signature collecting drive along with 1000 advandced
itellectuals. (arrest Kim Woo-choong and forgo of restructing)
 - With the supports of main parties, organizations, and well-known persons
establish the "the Centre of arrest Kim Woo-choong" and run it.
 - Relay individual rally at the front of Lyons Interpol secretary.
 - Cling banners at the important and symbolic spots.(Eiffel Tower, Concord
 - Hold a strike at the front of Kim Woo-choong's villa in Nice and occupy
the place.
3) Activities at Korean Residents society overseas
 - Visit Residents' gathering at the spot and talk, work for forming the
public opinions.
 - Brief meetings with advanced persons among the Korean residents and
establish "the Centre of arrest Kim Woo-choong" and run it.
 - Visit Embassy and ask for the supports to establish the .
 - Gather the volunteering forces with students studying abroad as
leaders.(Interpreting, speech, propaganda, fund raising, etc)
 - Launch signature collecting and drive to raise funds among Korean
residents.(to arrest Kim Woo-choong, to seize the amassed assets)
 - Launch the movement for sending protest letters to Chongwadae.
 - Launch the movement for making protest calls to The Prosecution, The
Ministry of Finance-Economy, Financial Supervisor Service and etc.

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