News From Paris

No : 5
Date : 2001-03-05 02:11:36
Name : headquarters Hit : 3714
Title: The Squad 2/25(Sunday) Activity Contents

The Squad 2/25(Sunday) Activity Contents and Assembly Association Band
advanced activity to 
confirm the place where a large scale of placard which is brought from Korea
will be 
established and the place for an assembly.  
We decided to visit the place such as the Eiffel Tower, Civil Right Square,
Triumphal Arch and concord Square, etc where many France citizens and Koreans
crowd in to distribute arrest printed matter for Kim Woo-choong and to sell
badge which is made in France.
Subsequently, France main social group and labor union executives decided to
hold an assembly in front of Korean Embassy next Wednesday for protesting
strongly to the reality that Korean government oppress DAEWOO Car laborers,
not allowing an assembly and hustle participants compulsory.
France social group and a labor union will deliver written protest to Korean
Embassy in the public. Bervenre from Union Regiment Democracy(one of France
labor union whole federation) supported our activity and survey by two
executives from same affiliation and cars. 
Subsequently, we decided to inform the real state of affairs by making
pictures of Korean government oppressing laborers and articles to picket and
printed matter in France through the internet.
We progressed interviewing with Lee Whan-shick professor of Paris 8th
University and Gilber Ahshuca professor. Gilber Ahshuca professor asked for
visiting Switzerland and Germany in March 6th and 8th because already
residents abroad and labor unions in the middle n Switzerland and Germany are
ready to meet The Squad through Korean research assistant Europe network. 
However, The Squad  is going to departure in March fifth as expected because
DAEWOO CAR fight will develop violently by expected work reopening of DAEWOO
CAR and move to Swiss 제네바 in March second, they will sue Korean government
as compound labor union prohibition article five year deferment who violate
the right of unity in the public and impeach Korean government's laborer
oppression with Swiss social labor groups.
The Squad 2 settled a schedule of a week from February 26th to March third.

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