News From Paris

No : 3
Date : 2001-03-05 02:06:47
Name : headquarters Hit : 3991
Title: February 26th(Monday) Brief Actions, the Squad-going on Street propaganda on

At last, long-awaited Monday
 The International Suicide Squad set to work in earnest.  Bervenre was
already waiting for us at 8 a.m in SUD office.  We went out forward the Paris
street with holding placards and new-maded picket and mimeographed copies and
badges in order to inform on laborer oppression by Korean government and
arrest of Kim Woo-jung.
The 3 members of the Squad  and 2 persons who act as interpreter and Bervenre
and Hong Se-hwa begun to meet Paris citizens with picket and mimeographed
copies in their hands through the main subway stations which tens of
thousands Paris citizens pass.
The two correspondents of Korean broadcasting stations who are going together
from SUD office filmed our activities, and then Bervenre and Hong Se-hwa
explained the reason why we come here to Paris citizens.   
Paris citizens were different from Korean for certain.
Many citizens expressed their feeling they hope that Kim will be certainly
Most of them looked at pictures that we pick out from Internet.  And they
encouraged us with putting money into collecting box, and then they deplored
laborer oppression by Korean government. 
1,500 mimeographed copies disappeared in a moment. 
Paris citizens are concerned about our activities with reading mimeographed
copies written by French.  They already knew our activities through TV and
newspapers and radio. 

So soon lunchtime
A Le Monde reporter who had demanded to interview with us accompanied us. Le
Monde already carried about Daewoo and the Squad as news of value.  However,
he started to interview the 3 members of the International Suicide Squad with
saying “We will interview more close in this time."  He has ever been to
Korea three times.  He was especially impressed by democratic labor union
movement in ulsan 1988.  He also knew about Koreas politics, economics, and
social situations for certain.  Moreover, he gave thought to countermeasures
about the issue of Daewoo including personal matters of the members of the
arrest Suicide Squad.  We discussed together even countermeasures about new

In SUD office
Dadacopski, a secretary-general of ATTAC, was waiting for us.  He was making
a plan to support us in earnest with receiving the baton from Piere Ruse.  We
had help from ATTAC demanding imposition of taxes about financial capital in
the van of anti-new liberalism and raising the right matters about social
Dadacopski offered meeting with the lawyer of human rights alliance to us
headed by meeting with France judge's Union.  He also organized what aimed at
participation of major guidance divisions of various group on demonstration
in front of embassy.  
While we are talking with Dadacopski, many reporters were waiting for us in
order to interview in SUD office.  Curnal Plus TV and PROCESO, a weekly
newsmagazine of Mexico, interviewed us, and then BBC requested interview with
us.  Curnal TV said that they will collect news materials in company with us
from the propaganda fare of subway station to the meeting with Judge Union at
8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning.
"The Mexican people don't know your activities well.  Social activists,
however, are concerned about them very much.  By this reason, I supposed to
interview this matters", a Mexican reporter said.  
This staff reductions and overseas disposal of Daewoo Motor are similar to
Mexico, and many Mexican people are suffering pain from these problems.
At 10 p.m. in SUD office
We had supper in our lodgings, and then we checked a demonstration in front
of Interpol at 리옹 in France and the visit program of Switzerland.  In
addition, we made an appointment with Hong Se-hwa that we will meet the
subway station which will be proceeded the propaganda fare tomorrow morning. 
 And then, we headed toward to SUD office.
We began to work in order to display the propaganda fare that is proceeded in
square plaza of human rights tomorrow and display of a large placard and
laborer oppression by Kim government and pictures which Korean laborers are

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