News From Paris

No : 2
Date : 2001-03-05 01:57:30
Name : headquarters Hit : 3666
Title: February 24th(Saturday) Brief Actions in Kim Woo-choong Arrest Squad

February 24th(Saturday) Brief Actions in 'Kim Woo-choong Arrest Squad'.  The
Squad has updated some photos in the KCTU and  Joint Struggle Headquarter for
Daewoo Motors homepage about the first action they took and surveyed how
other press from the foreign countries reported. We found out that 
broadcasting Stations in France were very interested in our actions, as we
moved our base camp to Piere Ruse‘s house whose main member in the ATTAC, a
well known social organization. We had some interviews with Yonhap Newspaper,
AP, Lemond and so many press associations. We firstly discussed about present
support situation in France. Piere Ruse explained us about planned program,
publicity, strike and meetings and visiting the actual labor union very
carefully. ATTAC has been organized merely 2 years but it's been developing
as one of the 10 world influential organization opposing to Neo-liberalism
and Globalism and will be helping out with our missions. Labor union in
France such as CGT, CFDT, SUD are all in the ATTAC and ready to support us.
Piere Ruse said that since our departure had been postponed, there weren't
full preparation, but wiling to help as much as possible. We are now focusing
on to publicize present labor struggle in Korea so as to have confidence by
attaining international support, to arrest Kim Woo-jung, to appeal Korean
Government trying to delay multi-labor system which is the basic unification
right of labor. We are planning to have a strike in front of Korean
Ambassador with people in the labor union. Soon, Piere Ruse had interview
with Radio Station that broadcasts all over France as well Belgium and Swiss
and FRANCE INFO visited us to have an interview. The reporter asked us why we
came to France whether to focus on to publicize suppression of labor in Korea
or arrest Kim Woo-jung, and schedules after visiting France, whether to
cooperate with Inter-pol, present situation of labor in Daewoo Motors. Also
third TV covered us as well as Piere Ruse  in ATTAC. On Saturday and Sunday,
we proceeded public actions and discussed about actions in the street and
campaigns as well as strike in front of ambassador. Calling all reporters
concerned, making pamphlets and selling badges will be on Monday.  

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