News From Paris

No : 1
Date : 2001-03-05 01:54:16
Name : headquarters Hit : 4031
Title: 'Kim Woo-choong Arrest Squad' the first daily activity on 23th February

'Kim Woo-choong Arrest Squad' the first daily activity which arrests Kim
Woo-joong and censures suppression for the laborers of Kim Dae-joong's
At 12:00, 23th February, the 3 members of 'Kim Woo-choong Arrest Squad' , the
main people of groups and the members of the Korean Confederation of Trade
Unions (KCTU) gathered and went on the news conference in the first
government office building of international airline on Kimpo airport. 
And then, as soon as they finished the exit formalities and started Kimpo
airport at 1:00pm, about 10 members of the public peace authorities started
to inspect, with saying that printed matter and poster that made in korea
have problems. The arrest Squad protested strongly about the matter, after
all they decided to send every printed matter and brooches and so on, as it
is, except the posters. Also they decide to take the video tape which made in
korea, as it is.
And then, the International Suicide Squad started for Frankfurt airport at
2:55pm and they arrived at Germany at 6:30pm as present time of Germany.
Lastly, they started for Pari of France.
When they arrived at France Paris De Gaulle airport, coverage team over 30
members, including France government-run broadcasting station and korea
broadcasting station, gathered concerned about the International
death-defying corps which came from korea. The International death-defying
corps consists of You Man-hyung, the member of Daewoo Motor, Hwang Yi-min,
the spokesman of Joint Struggle Headquarters Daewoo Motor, and Park Jum-kyu,
the vice-chief of organization in KCTU. It determinated the strong fight
which arrests Kim Woo-joong and censures suppression for the laborers of Kim
Dae-joong's government.
Many like-minded persons, such as Hong Se-hwa, the author of "I am taxi
driver of Pari", Lee Hwan-sik, the prosser of pari 8 university, Piere Ruse,
International committee of ATTAC, Bervenre, SUD-the labor union of France
public category, and so on, came to airport and welcomed to the International
death-defying corps  
The France main presses were reporting the governmental authority of Kim
Dae-joong' government for Daewoo Motor and the labor's fierce demonstration
which resists about the matter on TV and newspaper in detail. Therefore, the
French were interested in the situation of Daewoo Motor.
The arrest death-defying corps shouted the slogans: "Arrest Kim Woo-joong and
return the harboring property.", "Kim Dae-joong' government which suppress
for the laborers must withdraw." 
 They had decided to act positively on 24th morning, and to stay at Ruse and
Bervenre 's house. Then, their today work was over. 

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